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Unemployment is word of the week at the beeb.

The BBC are focusing heavily on the subject of unemployment  at the moment, and there have been a few interesting programmes recently to come of it. The sensitive documentary Jobless highlights the plight of thousands of professionals that have been made redundant during the recession through no fault of their own, and had their whole life turned […]

Political Correctness Gone Mad.

When I read this article in the Daily Mail last week I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s the story that the boss of a recruitment agency was forbidden by the Jobcentre Plus to include the words ‘hard working’ and ‘reliable’ in her job advertisement, on the grounds that it discriminated against unreliable […]

In The Words Of Sony – ‘Every Moment Has Its Music’

The effect of music on your emotions is something that never fails to amaze me. With a simple tune or just a few words of a song your whole mood and entire outlook can be transformed. One particular guitar rift can move you from that dark place to on top of the world, or equally […]

Being Unemployed Is A Full Time Job.

When you think about it, there are very few times in life when a person truly stops and takes time out to really reflect on themselves and who they are as a person. It is usually after a difficult time or an unpleasant event when feelings of dissatisfaction within oneself are triggered, and we delve […]

Government Rescue Plan For Unemployed Graduates

Good news! – This January the Government has introduced a rescue plan to help unemployed graduates secure a job. If you graduated in 2009 and have been claiming Jobseekers Allowance for 6 months, under the new scheme you could be offered the chance to do an unpaid internship while still being allowed to claim Jobseekers […]

The Boomerang Generation? How Insulting.

It appears that Lord Mandelson feels it necessary to provide advice to parents on how to rid their homes of their graduate offspring that have moved back into the family home – namely the ‘boomerang generation’. The Times reported that in this guide for parents, Mandy states that ‘if you are making life too comfortable at home, why […]

This is the winter of my discontent.

I’ve been in this situation for a few months now, and despite trying to have a positive outlook, it’s very difficult at the moment. I’m finding it hard to let go of my plans, and lower the ambitions that I had when I left University. I spent four years at Uni, and at times it was really hard, a real […]

Work experience Catch 22.

The Government is encouraging graduates to undertake work experience during this recession, to greatly improve our chances of securing a job. With the competition for jobs higher than it’s been in years, to stand out from the crowd you need to be able to take the initiative and demonstrate key employability skills. Ok, great idea. […]

Well, this is my blog. It is what it says on the tin. Just thoughts from one of Britain’s 2.46million unemployed statistics.

At first I was slightly dubious about how a blog written by me would be received. Does anyone out there really care what I write? Will anyone even read this?  However I’ve soon come to realise that essentially I’m not doing it for others, I’m doing it for me. I’m doing this for myself. Writing […]